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#30314 - 16/06/03 11:08 PM serverlist and perform
festher Offline
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im trying to make the easist way to connect 2 server and differnt channels, when i start up.

quakenet was easy since it was in mirc by default, tho stratics.com is not so i added it to be able to make a perform entry. but after i added the server the server does not show up in the serverlist in perform/add server list

the server IS added the servers.ini file tho.

what am i missing here, thx in advance

#30315 - 16/06/03 11:58 PM Re: serverlist and perform
KingTomato Offline
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/server irc.server1.com -j #autojoin1,#autojoin2,#autojoin3
/server -m irc.server2.com -j #autojoin4,#autojoin5,#autojoin6

Replace as needed. Make sure there is a -m on the second, and that channels are seperated by commas and not by spaces . Just putt hat in your perform, and your good 2 go