A strange gui bug, mostly harmless. Wims first noticed it, and I was able to replicate it, but very rarely. With script editor open, line-numbers enabled, and not on-desktop, and the status window showing. When right-clicking to show the status window's popups menu where the row of black triangles along the right edge land on top of the script-numbers, then left-click in the status window. Doing this would occasionally cause the image of the popups menu to remain in the area where the script editor's line numbers show.

I ended up finding a more reliable way to show the glitch. Instead of using the popups menu to cover the line numbers, instead use the dropdown menus of the script editor itself.

Click on scripteditor 'view' to open that dropdown, without doing any clicking, move the mouse to the left, letting it open the 'edit' then 'file' menu.

It works best if you move between the dropdowns SLOWLY, as it doesn't seem to happen if you shift between them quickly.

Only then while the 'file' dropdown remains open, then SLOWLY move over to the status window area and left-click there, to find the image of the dropdown remaining on top of the script line numbers.

edit: I was able to replicate this in v7.42, but couldn't get it to happen in v6.35

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