These threads related to the issue of collision between existing alias names and new identifiers. A possible solution would be if the installer's process would include an $isalias check to match against any new identifier added in that specific version, and possibly including a check against those added in versions released a short time earlier. It would simply be an FYI alert so people could either take steps to rename their existing alias or ask questions to the person who wrote that script, in case the alias is needed by other scripts.

Possibly also include alerts for collision with new /commands created too, but definitely not including a cross-check for all built-in commands because there are many users of 'theme' scripts which have aliases to handle things like /msg /me /notice etc and they would be confused by the new alerts if they don't understand what the theme script is doing under the hood.

Probably shouldn't need to be checking against new identifiers in versions released more than 1 year prior to that version, so currently that would be...

v7.64 $ticksqpc
v7.62 $min $max /donotdisturb