is this possible? I've got about 20 lines, each line has about 8 different columns. the first column is the description - the description text can take up an 'x' dimension of about 450, but I need to fit the other columns in. the whole dialog takes up about half the width of the screen, so the actual available column width for the first description column (X1) is about 120.

X1 column is a long text description (about 400 wide)
X2 to X8 are about 50 or so each

Y1X1 Y1X2 Y1X3 Y1X4 Y1X5 Y1X6 Y1X7 Y1X8
Y2X1 Y2X2 Y2X3 Y2X4 Y2X5 Y2X6 Y2X7 Y2X8

ps - this table is within a tab (2 tabs to the 'tab set' so far), inside the dialog

I'd like (ideally?) to hover the mouse over all the X1 columns, and for a tooltip of a text of about 450 wide to appear. I've checked out the tooltip command, but this only seems to apply to the main mIRC toolbar?

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