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#265247 - 22/03/19 04:44 PM Saving phrases in mirc
_alice_f30 Offline
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Is it possible to save phrases that can be put into a conversation without having to retype them every time? Like your description or your interests, for example?

#265248 - 22/03/19 06:13 PM Re: Saving phrases in mirc [Re: _alice_f30]
maroon Offline
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you can create an alias, which you can either type in the channel editbox or add it as a right-click item in the popups menu. Pressing Alt+R takes you to the scripts editor, where you can place aliases.

alias asl {
/msg $$chan age: none of your business sex: not your business either location: even more not your business

In this case, using "/say" is the equivalent of the "/msg $$chan". The double dollar halts this if used where $chan is not defined, which keeps it from trying to send a query message to the next word.

To send it like you would do "/me message", change the "/msg" to be "/describe"

You can also add this as an item in the right-click menu of your channel, where you currently see "channel modes". You can do this 2 ways.

1. Press Alt+P to reach the popups editor. Within that editor, use its 'view' menu to choose 'channel' where it currently has:

Channel Modes:/channel

You can add your own "label:command", for example adding the row:

Show ASL to channel:/asl

... which will run the above alias example.

2. In the same script file where you created the above 'alias asl', you can also add several rows:

menu channel {
Show ASL to channel:/asl

... and it does the same thing. You can find more info on these from:

/help Popup Menus
/help Aliases