I am trying to write an akill script that uses Raw 378 to pull the offenders IP address to place in the akill. I am not familiar with using Raw and am not a great scripter so any help would be appreciated. He always uses the same nickname, but his IP address always changes which is why I want to use Raw 378.

on *1:text:threestepstoheaven:#clog: {
  if connect isin $1- {
     .whois threestepstoheaven all
     Raw 378:*:{ set %killaddy $7- | set %killip $7- }
    .os akill add +1d *@ $+ %killip threestepstoheaven
    .os sqline add +1d threestepstoheaven threestepstoheaven
    .msg $me threestepstoheaven akilled and sqlined
    .msg $me $1-