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#248672 - 17/10/14 01:18 AM Multiple Server Login Scripts and other help
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So i'm having an issue that I just can't seem to fix or get working with scripts. I don't know if the issue can be fixed by a script solution or something i'm overlooking in MIRC itself. I've had scripts open the servers and channels at the same time except one. But here's my problem. (Note: I do NOT know how to script MIRC and have merely borrowed scripts to get it functional)

I want to connect to three different servers and have it auto join channels when I turn MIRC on from the desktop.

The first server is just an open server where my nickname isn't registered and it's easy to access with the scripts etc. Easy to get to with scripts.

The second server uses the SAME nickname to access but required a registered nickname and password. So I needed to use the nickserv command to auto msg my password to access it. I've gotten it to do this on multiple channels on the server also.

The third one is where i'm stumped. It's a different Nickname than the other two. It's a channel bot for Twitch that requires an Oath Token for the password to even access. That means that it will NOT connect unless the nickname for entering the server is the same name as the account name on Twitch. Meaning I couldn't find a creative way to connect to this server in one script. So I guess this is where my major questions come up.

In one script, is it possible to solve the issues above on a simple startup of MIRC from the desktop. I need it to connect to two of those servers while identifying passwords for one, and I need to connect to a whole seperate server under an entirely different nickname from the very start of connecting.

I don't have any solutions to this issue besides selecting that specific server manually which is quite inconvenient. Is there a way to seperate the remote scripts where they are only accessible to a specific username? Or is there a way that your nickname won't change everything you select a different server and it becomes connected to one individually?

ANy scripts or solutions are very helpful.

Also i'm having some trouble with my channel bots script. I borrowed a slot machine script I found online and changed it to a single random generator and messed with some variables (again no knowledge of scripting I merely used what I thought was logical) using this command:

on *:TEXT:!chest:#:{
if ((%floodchest) || ($($+(%,floodchest.,$nick),2))) { return }
set -u12 %floodchest On
if (!%chest) {
var %r = $rand(1,356)
if (%r == 1) set %1 Found Frypan
if (%r == 2) set %1 Found Wire
if (%r == 3) set %1 Found Small Knife
if (%r == 4) set %1 Found Battle Knife

Basically this command goes on for about 356 variables but it's redundant to post all of it. After all the variables I want, it ends with the following code:

msg $chan $upper($left($nick,1)) $+ $right($nick,-1) %1 }

Basically what this command does is when someone types !chest in my twitch channel it pulls a random Item from the pool of variables. It works flawlessly for the most part. The bottom of the code is to message it back to the channel from the channel bot and caps locking the first letter in their name.

Here's my issue with it, it conflicts with any other command I build that's similar to the format. I can not reuse this code to create another command that does something similar. I tried changing the variable number of %r to something different all along the code but it will simply just not work OR it will spam every other command descending that I have into my chat on my channel. I can't figure out what would be causing that.

I have other help for scripts where I can build an "inventory" for specific users with the items they pull but that seems rather complicated at the very moment and lets just try and fix one thing at a time.

Sorry about the long post and thanks in advance.

#248675 - 17/10/14 12:55 PM Re: Multiple Server Login Scripts and other help [Re: ZackAttack]
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