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#238047 - 25/06/12 05:38 PM mirc on wine
DiegoBH Offline
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I'm using mIRC on wine with CentOS 5.

How could i install SSL and i get this error:

unable to open file 'D:\drive_c\mirc\options.txt'

The same with /run . Don't work.

How could i fix it?


#238056 - 27/06/12 03:49 AM Re: mirc on wine [Re: DiegoBH]
HorseC Offline
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please let us know where you got the version of mirc you are running, and what version level it is.. mirc does not depend at all on a options.txt file..
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#238061 - 27/06/12 04:46 PM Re: mirc on wine [Re: DiegoBH]
argv0 Offline
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Sounds like wine is incorrectly trying to access paths on the filesystem. It could be a wine bug, but I've never seen that issue before. The actual error isn't coming from SSL or mIRC, but a script trying to $read(options.txt). I doubt this is affecting the client from doing its own job-- it's probably just disabling a script. Unload the script and you won't see the error anymore.

Type the following in mIRC and report the results here:

//echo -a $version $os $md5($mircexe,2) $script(0) $com(0) $dll(0)
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