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#226963 - 20/10/10 03:04 PM Odd happening
StrawberryKitty Offline
Ameglian cow

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I recently rebooted to find mIRC was missing it's settings (like I'd just installed it) so I want to %appdata%\mIRC and had a look and found these two files but no mirc.ini:

12,117 mirc396.tm_
12,108 mirc397.tm_

I took a look inside them to find they were the mirc.ini so I just copied the most recently dated one to mirc.ini (copy mirc396.tm_ mirc.ini) and everything was fine again.

Don't know if it's a bug or not but thought I'd say in case.

#226966 - 20/10/10 04:48 PM Re: Odd happening [Re: StrawberryKitty]
Khaled Offline

Planetary brain

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This usually indicates that mIRC was forcibly closed before it finished saving the settings. mIRC handles the Windows shutdown event however it assumes that it will be allowed to close gracefully. I will see if I can change the way mIRC closes in the next version to handle an immediate shutdown.