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mIRC beta #225704 08/09/10 10:12 AM
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Hoopy frood
Joined: Dec 2002
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The mIRC beta is a version of mIRC that is not yet ready for public use and is being made available for testing purposes only.

We need feedback to resolve any issues in the beta before we can release a final, stable version of mIRC for public use.

You should only download the beta if you are willing to spend time dealing with bugs and submitting bug reports.

Please see the following post for the latest beta release and a list of changes.

mIRC beta #265827 16/05/22 08:13 AM
Joined: Dec 2002
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Khaled Offline OP
Hoopy frood
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Hoopy frood
Joined: Dec 2002
Posts: 5,107
The latest beta is v7.68.1159 and can be downloaded here. It includes the following changes:

Note: this beta moves your channel favorites from mirc.ini to channels.ini. This means that older versions of mIRC will not see your favorites once mirc.ini has been updated.

Note: echo-message support can be tested on eg. Libera-Chat which only supports echo-message and not labeled-response, and Snoonet that suports both of these tokens. In the beta, echo-message is currently automatically enabled if a server supports it.

Beta v7.68.1159 changes:
1.Item 16, updated.
2.Item 17, updated.
3.Item 18, updated, library would not compile, needed changes.
4.Item 19, updated, library would not compile, needed changes.
5.Item 14, fixed.
6.Item 20, changed. In cases where the current status window
server does not exist in the servers list, the server address
is added temporarily to the servers list in the connect dialog
and selected, since pressing okay in the connect dialog will
set the status window server. If you edit the server, it becomes
7.Item 21, added.

Beta v7.68.1100 changes:
1.Item 3, enabled in this beta.
2.Item 9, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/270238
Added support for disabling/enabling on the fly.
3.Item 9, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/270251
Added support for parsing echoed CTCP messages.

This needs to display the echoed CTCP message as it appears
when "sending" from a client not "receiving" by a client. Since
the sent CTCP message is displayed differently depending
on context, eg. status/channel/query window, /raw, /ctcp, etc.
this requires parsing to match the associated displayed
line and only updating the message part of the displayed
line from the raw PRIVMSG/NOTICE.

4.Item 13, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/270249
5.Item 14, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/270259
6.Item 15, fixed.

Beta v7.68.933 changes:
1.Item 1, changed.
2.Item 2, changed. This means that older versions of mIRC will no
longer see your favorites/recent channels since they are in a
different file. This also means that any scripts that try to read
the [chanfolder] section in mirc.ini will no longer work.
3.Item 3, changed. Without this, the windows media library seems to
be fully loaded/unloaded whenever a sound is played. On my system,
this displays a wait cursor briefly every time a sound starts and
stops. I have been trying to a find solution to this for quite a
few versions. This change is a somewhat convoluted method to prevent
the media library from unloading. Tested under XP to 11. This speeds
up consecutive sound playing, eg. multiple beeps, significantly.
4.Item 4, extended.
5.Item 5, added.
6.Item 6, changed.
7.Item 7, added.
8.Item 8, added.
9.Item 9, experimental. For more information see

This feature works with or without the labeled-response token
enabled, however:

1) Without labeled-response, the correlation between sent and echoed
messages is not reliable. The client cannot match on message content
since the returned echo message can be different from the sent
message, and echo messages may not arrive in the order messages
were sent.
2) If you use /msg nick,nick to send to the same nick twice, some
ircds will only send one message to nick, removing the duplicate
nick, while other ircds will send to each nick regardless. So the
number of echoed messages can differ depending on the ircd. Since
the client needs to know when all messages have been echoed, mIRC
now removes duplicate targets from outgoing PRIVMSG/NOTICEs.

In addition:

a) When a message is sent, it is displayed in a grayed color in the
status/query/channel window until an echo is received from the server,
at which point the message is redrawn in a normal color. Note:
1) If "no such nick" is received, the line remains grayed.
2) If sent to multiple nicks and one of them returns "no such
nick", the line remains grayed.

b) Own messages displayed in a window are replaced with the echo
message. The IRCv3 spec says that the echo message can be different
from the message you send, eg. the server/channel might filter out
color codes, block spam, etc. and that the echo message should
replace your message in a window to show what was actually received
by the user/channel.

10.Item 10, changed.
11.Item 11, added.
12.Item 12, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/270224

1.Changed servers list in connect dialog to always group servers
with the same group name together.
2.Changed location of channels favorites to channels.ini file. This
will allow users to update/edit this file without having to modify
their mirc.ini settings file. If [chanfolder] or [chanhist] exist
in mirc.ini when mIRC starts up, they will be automatically moved
to [channels] and [recent] in channels.ini.
3.Changed how the Windows media library is loaded to allow sounds
to be played without delay.
4.Extended $mouse.key to support detecting right-shift/control/menu
keys and capital/scroll/numlock.
5.Added /bset -z switch that makes an empty &binvar or zeros an
existing &binvar.
6.Changed regex parser to use less stack memory during recursion.
7.Added $keylparam identifier to on KEYUP/KEYDOWN that returns the
result of the lParam value in the event.
8.Added support for numeric 005 UTF8ONLY token. If enabled on a server,
this overrides the UTF-8 setting in Options/IRC/Messages to always
UTF-8 encode/decode messages on a connection.
9.Added support for IRCv3 echo-message. Current implemention tracks
outgoing messages, filters echoed messages, and grays displayed
messages until the server confirms they have been received by the
target, and replaces own messages with echoed messages, for both
PRIVMSG/NOTICE and nicks/channels.
10.Changed CAP request on connect to combine multiple tokens in one
line to speed up server reply.
11.Added $mircpid identifier that returns mIRC's process id.
12.Fixed nested while loops continue bug.
13.Changed how nick event is handled on connect to get around ZNC
initial nick change affecting query window with same nick.
14.Fix alignment of checkboxes in Address Book dialog.
15.Fixed /sound CTCP event not displaying message if filename is ""
16.Updated OpenSSL library to v1.1.1o.
17.Updated CA root certificates cacert.pem file.
18.Updated zlib library to v1.2.12.
19.Updated TagLib library to latest fixes.
20.Changed connect dialog to show server for current status window
at top of servers list if not already defined in list.
21.Added on PARSELINE identifier $parseem, returns $true or $false
depending on whether mIRC thinks the incoming line is an echoed
message due to IRCv3 echo-message being enabled.