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mIRC beta #225704 08/09/10 10:12 AM
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Hoopy frood
Joined: Dec 2002
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The mIRC beta is a version of mIRC that is not yet ready for public use and is being made available for testing purposes only.

We need feedback to resolve any issues in the beta before we can release a final, stable version of mIRC for public use.

You should only download the beta if you are willing to spend time dealing with bugs and submitting bug reports.

Please see the following post for the latest beta release and a list of changes.

mIRC beta #265827 10/04/21 12:14 PM
Joined: Dec 2002
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Khaled Offline OP
Hoopy frood
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Hoopy frood
Joined: Dec 2002
Posts: 4,893
The latest beta is v7.64.6635. It can be downloaded here and includes the following changes:

Beta v7.64.6635 changes:
1.Item 18, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/268624

Beta v7.64.6628 changes:
1.Item 13 and 14, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/268651
Fixed multi-line comment bug.
2.Item 9, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/268622
Reverted some changes to work like earlier beta that should
cause less interference with other Windows behaviours.
3.Item 23, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/268667

Beta v7.64.6394 changes:
1.Item 7, updated.
2.Item 9, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/268622
I was not able to reproduce this issue, however I have added
extra checks in a number of places.

Beta v7.64.6125 changes:
1.Item 21, fixed.
2.Item 22, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/268598

Beta v7.64.6087 changes:
1.Changed /fupdate setting location in INI file so that it
defaults to 95 for both new and existing users.
2.Item 19, changed.
3.Item 20, changed.
4.Item 9, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/268575

Beta v7.64.5829 changes:
1.Item 16, updated.
2.Fixed https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/268507
This was due to removing the internal border in the MDI
area. There was very old code that had hard-coded support
for this.
3.Item 15, added alternative method for use on Wine.
4.Changed /fupdate to default to 95 for new installs. The reason
for using 95 is that an even number usually leads to less
visual feedback in some situations. Also added a $fupdate
identifier. Note that these are not documented.
5.Items 17 and 18, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/268501
These changes needed more work than expected and required
changes to the tab completion routine. Needs testing.

If you tab complete a % prefix, it will cycle through %halfops
if any exist. It will only evaluate a %var if you enter the
full %var name and only if you are not currently cycling through

Beta v7.64.5513 changes:
1.Item 9, fixed/optimized a number of issues.
2.Item 10, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/268466
3.Item 11, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/268487
4.Item 12, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/268483
I've had to write my own tiling code as WM_MDITILE will not fit
windows to the edge of the MDI area. My code tries to mimick
WM_MDITILE as closely as possible.
5.Item 13, changed.
6.Item 14, added. This tries to parse and sort items in a way
that groups similar items together.
7.Item 15, added. Using an undocumented method for scrolling in
menus. It works all the way back to Windows XP, so seems

Beta v7.64.4889 changes:
1.Item 1, added.
2.Item 2, reverted.
3.Item 3, updated. Also removed error codes from the messages in
resources as we already know them. I would have preferred to use
FormatMessage() as it returns error messages in the system
language but its messages are long and descriptive as opposed
to mIRC's short, compact messages.
4.Item 4, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/232845
5.Item 5, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/268311
6.Item 6, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/268415
7.Item 7, udpated.
8.Item 8, updated.
9.Item 9, needs testing.

MDI windows in Windows 10 currently use the Windows 7 theme due
to Microsoft deprecating support of MDI windows. This beta adds
Windows 10 Aero theme support to MDI windows. This is enabled
only for MDI windows and only when the Windows 10 Aero theme is
in use.

I have had to make a number of design decisions regarding colors,
borders, button sizes, and so on, to approximate the look and
feel of the Aero theme. I am fairly happy with the result. It is
not an exact match to Aero but close enough, with the aim being
to make MDI windows look reasonably up-to-date.

1.Added flash option to ignore dialog options.
2.Reverted change to nick idle time so that it is updated per second
once again.
3.Updated some of the winsock error messages in resources to use more
up-to-date descriptions.
4.Fixed regex global matching bug with UTF-8 characters.
5.The styles dialog has been removed. The channel nicklist sizing
bar now uses a standard width. The editbox and nicklist borders now
use standard Windows colors. Windows no longer use an internal frame.
6.Fixed tray tips Control+O display bug.
7.Updated OpenSSL library to v1.1.1k.
8.Updated TagLib library to v1.12.
9.Added Windows 10 Aero theme support to MDI windows.
10.Changed the aliases list menu to use shorter, combined a-z menus,
with separators, and any left over items in a ? submenu.
11.Fixed URLs List SendTo menu item being disabled.
12.Fixed MDI tile feature not fitting the right/bottom-most windows
to the edge of the MDI area.
13.Changed scripts editor alias and popup menubars to use an "Index"
menu name to list aliases/popups.
14.Added scripts editor "Index" menu to remote menu bar that lists all
of the items defined in a script. It also includes partial lines
for some items to give context.
15.Added home/end/page up/down key support to popup menus to allow
for faster scrolling in long menus. These keys normally do nothing
in menus, however they will now scroll multiple lines per key press
and will stop once they reach the top/bottom of the menu.
16.Updated CA root certificates cacert.pem file.
17.Extended tab completion to allow using just a channel mode prefix
to begin cycling through all matching users with that mode.
18.Extended tab completion to support %halfops. If an existing %var
name is used, it is evaluated as in past versions, if you are not
currently cycling through %halfops.
19.Changed Window menu to not show windows hidden with /window -h
unless shift key is pressed when viewing menu.
20.Changed /window -h to not hide Status Windows in treebar,
switchbar, and window menu, as these are root windows for all
other windows on that connection.
21.Fixed bind to adapter/IP address bug that caused it to use wrong
adapter if adapter has two identically named IPv4 and IPv6 entries.
22.Fixed bind to adapter/IP address bug that caused it to block
connections in some contexts.
23.Fixed DCC get sometimes reporting that the transfer completed when
there was insufficient disk space.