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mIRC beta #225704 08/09/10 10:12 AM
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Hoopy frood
Joined: Dec 2002
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The mIRC beta is a version of mIRC that is not yet ready for public use and is being made available for testing purposes only.

We need feedback to resolve any issues in the beta before we can release a final, stable version of mIRC for public use.

You should only download the beta if you are willing to spend time dealing with bugs and submitting bug reports.

Please see the following post for the latest beta release and a list of changes.

mIRC beta #265827 09/06/21 09:02 AM
Joined: Dec 2002
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Khaled Offline OP
Hoopy frood
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Hoopy frood
Joined: Dec 2002
Posts: 4,934
The latest beta is v7.65.943. It can be download here and includes these changes:

Beta v7.65.943 changes:
1.Item 10, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/269043

Beta v7.65.922 changes:
1.Item 8, optimized.
2.Item 2, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/268965
3.Item 9, https://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/268671
Hopefully, this resolves the other duplicate icon bug reports
as well.

Beta v7.65.676 changes:
1.Item 2, fixed second editbox border not being colored correctly.
2.Item 6, changed. If no group name is found, it is treated as a
server address.
3.Item 7, changed. It has been standard ircd behaviour since 1995
for ircds to ignore modes without parameters. Some ircds now report
errors and/or ignore the /mode in this context. This change is limited
to +ovh combinations of modes to handle the standard popup script
that is in all installations of mIRC since 1995. It does not affect
use of /raw.

Beta v7.65.563 changes:
1.Item 1, added. The code for drawing and selecting the
text/window colors in the Colors dialog was very old, overly
complicated, and difficult to update, so I ended up rewriting
it. It should still work in the same way as before. The default
MDI area color is color 97, a light gray.
2.Item 2, changed.
3.Item 3, changed. Required important changes to the treebar
code to remove dependency on Status windows as root windows
for all other windows. Needs testing.
4.Item 4, changed.
5.Item 5, changed.
6.Added Libera.Chat to the list of default IRC networks.

1.Added MDI area background color option to Colors dialog for
users who want to change how bright the background is.
2.Changed the editbox line separator so that its color is now
based on the color of the editbox, and the nickname list
sizing bar so that its color is now based on the color of the
listbox, so these should now match the user's chosen theme.
3.Changed /window -h to support hiding status windows in both
the switchbar and the treebar.
4.Changed channel and query window icons to make them more
5.Added colors dialog default/undo buttons. Default resets
a built-in theme to its default settings. Undo reverts the
current changes to when the dialog was opened.
6.Changed /server to prioritize group name over server address
to handle server group names that contain periods.
7.Changed parsing of /mode commands that use combinations of
+ovh so that number of modes/parameters are trimmed to equal
number due to changes in how some ircds process these.
8.Optimized Windows 10 Aero theme support.
9.Fixed maximized MDI window duplicate icons bug.
10.Changed tab completion to leave in place non-existent/empty
identifiers/variables, as with previous versions.