I can't seem to figure out how to fix this so I hope someone here has run across it and knows how...

I recently (last couple of days) moved, and connected my computer wirelessly to the network in this house. Now, my wireless signal is good and steady, but mIRC keeps...timing out, I guess. I don't get any error messages - I'm in a channel, suddenly no one's saying anything, and if I /whois someone nothing happens. The program isn't frozen, though, and if I disconnect and reconnect it'll work again for a few minutes.

This wasn't doing this last night, on the same network with the same settings - it's only happening now. I've tried 2 servers on the network, but both are the same in this. Can someone please help?

*Update: I've noticed this time that if I do a /whois and let it sit, several minutes later it will come through in a rush along with all the other posts in the channel.

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