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#203526 - 18/08/08 08:51 PM Can someone help me setup a channel?
Selkies Offline
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Registered: 18/08/08
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I am a hardware guy, not a software guy, IRC has had me puzzled for a couple days now, I am trying to setup a channel for a gaming team and I don't know how to register the channel, or set greetings, or any of that, so if anyone here can help me out with that I would truly appreciate it!

#203530 - 19/08/08 12:54 AM Re: Can someone help me setup a channel? [Re: Selkies]
RusselB Offline
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1) Check this sticky
2) As most networks do differ slightly, the best place for detailed information regarding network services (ie: registering a nick, registering a channel, using the channel service to control the channel, etc.) is the network's help channel, usually #help.

If you still can't figure it out, and aren't getting much if any help from the help channel (which shouldn't happen), post here with the network information (ie: network name and/or server address) and someone here might be willing to connect and help you out one on one.