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#192426 - 01/01/08 05:42 AM "Perform" doesn't works with Spanish the version
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I'm trying to enable 'mIRC Options/Connect/Options/Perform' in order to auto-open some channels.
However it doesn't works with the spanish version of "mIRC.exe". I have tried with the english version and it works without problems.

#192428 - 01/01/08 06:32 AM Re: "Perform" doesn't works with Spanish the version [Re: Awesoft]
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There is no officially supported spanish version of mIRC that I'm aware of, so there is not much Khaled can do to fix a verion of mIRC that was modified without his permission or knowledge.

The only versions of mIRC that Khaled would ever support are the ones directly downloaded from the official website, http://www.mirc.com/get.html . No modified executables can be supported by Khaled if he didn't author it, nevermind the fact that it violates the End User License Agreement (/help License Agreement).

I suggest searching for the author of this modified executable and informing them of the bug- it would have to be their responsibility to fix it. Google would be a good place to look, if you don't know where to find the author.
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#192432 - 01/01/08 10:24 AM Re: "Perform" doesn't works with Spanish the version [Re: argv0]
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You had the same thought I did. www.mirces.com has a link to the modified executable.. So theoretically they'll have the modifier's details there somewhere.