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#175836 - 29/04/07 03:40 PM forum suggestion
nataliad Offline
Fjord artisan

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can you make please a link, where will be displayed

1) all our topics we created, all topics we participated (with our posts previewed) and all subscribed topics (distinguished each other)
2) the number the total posts and new posts (distingushed) in each topic that we either created or participated or subscribed?


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#175843 - 29/04/07 05:48 PM Re: forum suggestion [Re: nataliad]
Mentality Offline
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"We" don't code the forum so I find it unlikely that this can be implemented, almost all suggestions need to be made to the UBB.Threads guys over at www.ubbcentral.com - of course, only Krejt can really answer this with a definite yes/no as he runs the board.


#175846 - 29/04/07 06:06 PM Re: forum suggestion [Re: nataliad]
genius_at_work Offline
Hoopy frood

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Those sound like features I've seen on the Invision Boards. I don't know if UBB offers those features. UBB seems to have fewer features that then Invision boards I've been on.


#176140 - 04/05/07 10:15 AM Re: forum suggestion [Re: nataliad]
Doqnach Offline
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under 'My Stuff' at the top there is 'My Watch List'
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