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#16276 - 21/03/03 11:56 AM dns
fallen248 Offline
Ameglian cow

Registered: 28/02/03
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Hey, I want to have my bot do dns's for all the registered users of the bot. I Know how to set it to check for access but i am not sure of how to go about doing the dns'ing and sending the response to the channel. This is what i have so far.

on *:TEXT:.dns *:#:{
/set %userlevel $readini(ftpxusers.dat, $nick, Level)
if (%userlevel isnum 1-3) {
else {
.notice $nick You Do Not have access to this command

#16277 - 21/03/03 11:58 AM Re: dns
c0ldfusi0n Offline
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/help ON DNS
- cF
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#16278 - 22/03/03 02:00 AM Re: dns
Othello Offline
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It is possible to do a DNS check on each registered nick entering a channel but you will notice some users may have two or more DNS addresses depending on there Provider.

on *:dns: {
  set %userlevel $readini(ftpxusers.dat, $nick, Level)
  if (%userlevel isnum 1-3) { COMMAND }
on *:join:#YOURCHAN: {
  dns $nick

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