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#158808 - 10/09/06 03:07 AM re:Command to close server windows
He11raiser Offline
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Registered: 10/09/06
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Can anyone help me with the command that hides your server tabs , but leaves your channels tabs visible?

#158809 - 10/09/06 07:59 PM Re: re:Command to close server windows
billythekid Offline
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alt-f1 i think, no wait that's back asswards to what you want.... hmmmm I don't think you can.


#158810 - 10/09/06 08:22 PM Re: re:Command to close server windows
RusselB Offline
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Before 6.2 you could use /window -h "status window"

This does not work in 6.2

#158811 - 14/09/06 09:58 PM Re: re:Command to close server windows
WORMSS Offline
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Registered: 14/09/06
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yes, i too have noticed they removed this, as well as elongated the Tabs themselves, so even more space is wasted on my channel bar..

if i cannot find a remmady for this soon, i will be downgrading back to mIRC 6.16

why are programmers always Ruining Already good functions.