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#15642 - 16/03/03 04:54 PM Away Kick/Ban ?
princessamanda Offline
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Registered: 10/12/02
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Hi, my friend wanted me to try and find something that would kick and ban someone if they went away/back 2-3 times in a roll, and people are doing that on his channel a lot trying to takeover the channel. Thanks for any help.

#15643 - 16/03/03 06:10 PM Re: Away Kick/Ban ?
Om3gA Offline
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Registered: 17/02/03
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hrm whats the channel and ther server :P oh yeah the ban thing... well id imagine you could do it like this though it would ban on the single away...

on *:TEXT:*away*:#:/mode $chan +b $nick

but if they are tryin to take the channel then y nto just ban them all... or use flood protection its alot better... thats kinda a really simple way to do it btw im not to sure with read/write commands with mirc which is the only other way i know of to do it
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#15644 - 16/03/03 09:27 PM Re: Away Kick/Ban ?
NightChillz Offline
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just use a little hash table or something, you just need to use the raw events for away on your server:

raw <away numeric>:*:{
hadd -mu5 away.flood.prot $nick $calc($hget(away.flood.prot,$nick) + 1)
if ($hget(away.flood.prot,$nick) >= 3) {
<insert your ban tag here>
<insert your kick tag and message here>

raw <back numeric>:*:{
hadd -mu5 return.flood.prot $nick $calc($hget(return.flood.prot,$nick) + 1)
if ($hget(return.flood.prot,$nick) >= 3) {
<insert your ban tag here>
<insert your kick tag and message here>

something like that will suffice just fine, you could always use variable instead, but they're more hassle then you need, and just replace the <tags> with the appropriate data/information and it should work fine, or will work fine with a little "playing" with wink..... good enough for just a quick example (Y)