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#151025 - 12/06/06 02:17 PM ban on private message
Sableye2 Offline
Babel fish

Registered: 25/05/06
Posts: 87
I was wondering if someone could help me get a script. Whenever someone private messages one of my bots, I would like that user to be banned for a certain amount of time. Help is appreciated.

#151026 - 12/06/06 04:36 PM Re: ban on private message
schaefer31 Offline
Fjord artisan

Registered: 27/08/05
Posts: 525
on *:TEXT:*:?:{
  var %chan = [color:red]#Channel[/color]
  if ($me isop %chan) && ($nick ison %chan) {
    ban -ku[color:red]X[/color] %chan $nick 2

#Channel - The channel to ban from.
X - The duration of the ban, in seconds. It follows directly after the 'u', there is no space between the two.