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#140490 - 26/01/06 04:43 AM Extremely slow displaying
baa Offline
Pikka bird

Registered: 30/10/05
Posts: 17
system: xp
cpu: pii
videocard: sis6326
this is the old machine i used years ago with mIRC, it's fast enough. (and yes, i'm using new box of cos)
but chance i run new mIRC on the old box, i noticed the display performance is really bad
1. when each new line comes out, the whole content of a window is redraw from top to bottom much slower than before
2. fast display isn't really fast indeed than case 1. it only update screen on every 2 newline regardless of how many/fast lines come out except for only 1 newline. why not just have a timer to do a delay?
3. alt+1,2 switch between windows, each switch make the window redraw 3+ times. this take much cpu even in my new machine on 1280x1024 screen

#140491 - 26/01/06 03:00 PM Re: Extremely slow displaying
Jigsy Offline
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Loc: I live inside your computer. S...
My PII has about 64mb of RAM ... mebby thats the reason ... either that or your bandwidths low blush
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#140492 - 18/02/06 10:26 PM Re: Extremely slow displaying
stobeh Offline
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Registered: 18/02/06
Posts: 3
Have you find any solution to this problem?