Hi, im trying to get a script wich can seach for a user on my friends site, like this:
!user somenamehere
and then it will search the site and notice the one typing with a link to that user, so far I found this:
on *:TEXT:!user *:#: {
  if ($2) {
    sockopen $+(sql.,$2) some.site.org 80
    sockmark $+(sql.,$2) $chan
on *:SOCKOPEN:sql.*: {
  var %s = sockwrite -n $sockname
  %s GET $+(/users.php?search=,$remove($sockname,sql.)) HTTP/1.1
  %s Host: some.site.org
  %s Connection: Close
  %s $crlf
on *:SOCKREAD:sql.*: {
  var %a
  sockread -f %a
  .msg $sock($sockname).mark %a

but the outcome looks like this:

[12:41:45] <starpossen> !user jack
[12:41:46] <@starbot> HTTP/1.1 302 Found
[12:41:46] <@starbot> Date: Sun, 22 Jan 2006 12:41:11 GMT
[12:41:46] <@starbot> Server: Apache
[12:41:46] <@starbot> X-Powered-By: PHP/5.1.1
[12:41:46] <@starbot> Location: login.php?returnto=%2Fusers.php%3Fsearch%3Djack
[12:41:47] <@starbot> Content-Length: 0
[12:41:49] <@starbot> Connection: close
[12:41:51] <@starbot> Content-Type: text/html

This site needs login to use the user search, I dont know if I explained myself good enough, but I hope you got some ideas or something.

I get this error in my bot:

* /msg: insufficient parameters (line 17, script2)

I dont know what that means.

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