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#136336 - 26/11/05 01:34 PM help plz!
drilon Offline
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Registered: 26/11/05
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hello ppls im new 2 this forum, my prolem is everytime i try to connect to this tmd movies thing it says ive been "youve been kicked from #TMD-moviez by chanserv reason:requested" i dnt know what 2 do. PLZ help any advice would b welcomed

and if nuthin can fix this plz msg so i not left with false hope

#136337 - 26/11/05 02:59 PM Re: help plz!
Mentality Offline
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mIRC is not a file trading program, nor do we help with you obtaining warez here.

Channel bans have nothing to do with mIRC, and short of waiting the ban out or contacting the channel ops (and we don't know who those are either) you can't get in that channel.