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#13048 - 25/02/03 02:24 PM Long w8ing for connecting....
LJK Offline
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I got irc but i have to w8 about 2 min for connecting to an irc channel..
On my friends computer it take 2 seconds for connecting to an irc channel..

can somebody plz help me?

#13049 - 25/02/03 03:20 PM Re: Long w8ing for connecting....
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Could be the quality or bandwidth of your connection, the distance between you and the server you connect to, the amount of traffic on the path your connection follows, etc.

Is your browsing also slow?
Do you have the same problem connecting to other IRC networks?
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#13050 - 25/02/03 04:53 PM Re: Long w8ing for connecting....
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Also, if you have been logging everything for years, your log files could be outrageously large, which can take quite a while to open - had this happen to me in my DALnet oper client after a while.
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#13051 - 26/02/03 01:52 AM Re: Long w8ing for connecting....
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Could you be also on a dial-up connection and your friend a cable/DSL connection?