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#127829 - 17/08/05 05:54 AM how can
Xthar Offline
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how can i add a picture to my mp3 dialog iv read the helpfile but i dident get the info im looking for can someone plz help me frown

#127830 - 17/08/05 03:45 PM Re: how can
MikeChat Offline
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the second listing for icon in the help files will allow you to use bmp and jpg as backgrounds, note that items placed over them will block out portions of the image, and when the icon loads is important too

dialog Background {
  title "Background pix in my Dialog"
  size -1 -1 100 100
  option dbu
  icon 997, 1 1 100 100, "c:\windows\Blue Lace 16.bmp"
  icon 998, 15 15 32 32, mirc.exe

a sample