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#115266 - 24/03/05 08:41 AM wait for active internet connection
RusselB Offline
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Is there a way that I could get mIRC to check to make sure that my internet connection is active before it tries to connect to a server? I have a DSL connection, but if I have to reboot the system, while I have mIRC in the startup group along with the program that I need for my DSL connection (for username & password), I find that mIRC tries to connect to the server before I have an active connection to the internet.

Any suggestions?

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#115267 - 24/03/05 10:07 AM Re: wait for active internet connection
DaveC Offline
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alt-r/file/new/add this line.

on *:START:{ .timer 1 5 disconnect | .timer 1 60 server irc.yourserverhere.net | timers }

you dont actually need the | timers bit near the end, but it lets you see the two timers so you remebr they are there.
whats it do?
.timer 1 5 disconnect : this disconnects you in 5 seconds incase you left connect on startup on
.timer 1 60 server irc.yourserverhere.net : this connects you to your server of choice in 60 seconds, rename the server obviously
timers this just lists the running timers