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#113104 - 01/03/05 07:45 AM Server update(s)
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Got a question here. Everytime I update to the new mIRC, it seems the server list, namely for the Undernet servers, doesn't update as well. I am getting a lot of dead servers, which used to be the best servers. IS there a place where I can download the most current server list? And if there is, how can I load it so mIRC notices the new list, rather than the older list installed? Thanks a lot!!! confused

#113105 - 01/03/05 08:14 AM Re: Server update(s)
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The latest list is located at http://www.mirc.co.uk/servers.ini smile

If using Firefox, simply go to File > Save Page As and save it as 'servers', filetype '.ini' and save it to your mIRC directory. mIRC will update its server list straight away. You can always edit the servers.ini yourself and a serverlist for Undernet can be found at http://www.undernet.org/servers.php