This issue should be rectified if you're on the latest version of mIRC. Post kept incase needed for future reference.

Many people report that although mIRC will run on this operating system, certain basic features are broken.

This is not a bug.

- Some users find it will work if you change the compatibility mode. Right click the mIRC icon or shortcut, go to Properties and click on the Compatibility tab. Check the box saying "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" and in the drop down list, choose 'Windows 2000'.

- You may also check if you have DEP (Data Execution Prevention) enabled, and if so, add mIRC to the exception list. To check, go to Start and then to Control Panel. Double click System and click on the Advanced tab, then in the 'Performance' box click the Settings button and go to the Data Execution Prevention tab, whereby you can click the Add button to add mIRC.EXE to the exception list, if it is enabled for all programs.

- For both the above possible solutions, make sure you're using the latest version of mIRC.

Whilst it has not been confirmed by Khaled, it is believed that mIRC still has elements of 16-bit code inside it, hence the compatibility issue. Khaled has not said whether this will be changed in the future.

This is all the information we have, posting it as a bug report or as a feature suggestion will not change anything smile

Happy chatting!


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