Yeah I read that in the help file too.

Unfortunately though it doesn't solve my problem.

First of all, I have to physically type in the timer each time i start mIRC. Secondly, even if I do that, i can only run one command. Een if I put in a seperator, the /remove quotes.txt command runs at the specified time, granted. However, the second command in the list will run as soon as I start the timer.

I want the commands:

/remove quotes.txt
/msg # the quotes list is being updated, please wait.

To run at a specified time each and every day, for example 13:30

Then, 10 minutes later after that command runs,

/msg # the list has now been updated.

I don't really want to have to type /timer2 blah blah

Every time i restart mIRC.

i script, therefore i am smirk
theres logic in there somewhere...