They dont "have" n1/n2/n3 that just happens to be the format mIRC uses, they arent required to have Nth anything, however, if you use the following type of "edit box".

edit "", 5, 10 25 90 70, multi, return, vsbar
(Those options)

The following will OUTPUT all of the data in the edit box.

var %i = 1
while ($did([color:red]test
,5).lines > %i) {
echo $+(n,%i,=,$did(test,5,%i))
inc %i
Will ECHO all of the lines in your editbox, in the format;


Note that, TEST is the dialog name and 5 is the editbox ID, change them accordingly.

To, input the data from the ini file into the dialog, use.

var %i = 1
while ($ini([color:red]test.ini
,testing,0) >= %i) {
echo -s $readini(test.ini,testing,$ini(test.ini,testing,%i)))
inc %i
Where in the above, test.ini is the INI FILENAME, testing is the "section", i.e. [test]

Hope this helps.