On principle I have blocked Hotmail and Gmail domains and at the same time I will refuse point-blank to send correspondence to anyone that has an email address residing in these name spaces. I don't care who is affected by it and care even less what anyone thinks. If people want to send me an email they can use a proper email address supplied by either themselves or by their ISP. Nothing worse than reading an email endorsed with spam by the hosts of the service. If it is good enough for me to run my domain/website, etc without receiving an income for it why can't everyone else? And before anyone asks, I am not rich either, I am a common man on a common man's wage.

If there is some sort of uprising against this sort of legalised spam then can someone please let me know where to sign?

Lastly, What the hell is a Gmail invite? Some sort of encouragement for me to opt-in or what?