I'll be perfectly honest, people will not use the search feature because they know it's there. People want an answer directed straight at them, they do not want to use other resources to find the answer. This is why you occasionally get someone posting a thread titled 'Software caused connection abort??' directly underneath the sticky thread that applies to that. People do not bother to look at the screen before hitting 'Post', so no matter how prominent you make the search feature, the most it's going to do is prevent 1-2, maybe 5 people from posting.

Using the search feature when you're unsure about something is boring. People don't like to do something if it's not instant, they don't like scrolling through pages of threads to find an answer, nor do they want to spend the time solving their issue. In fact, some people actually get agressive and rude when advised to use the search feature - It's just something we have to deal with when helping here smile

Large or significant changes aren't generally made to the board so that it makes it easier for Krejt to update it when needed. Obviously, if there is a problem with the board 200 odd people will notice it straight away due the amount of visitors this forum receives, so it's important hardly any (if not NO) risks are taken

My 2 cents.