rather than helping you with this, i'm gona aply some logic to it

i've had users ask me how to do this many different times just cuase they saw someone else do it

if you understand how bans work u will realize that to do that is foolish

firstly, i've only ever seen it used in war scripts (which is not alowed on most networks, and in reality does NOTHING to help you war)

second, if u ban each mask type all of them will be ignored except for number 4

mask type 4 *!*@*.host.com will ban everything baned by the other types already, the *'s are wildcards

so to do nick!*@*.host.com and nick!ident@*.host.com and *!*ident@*.host.com and *!*@there.host.com is just foolish if u have *!*@*.host.com baned already

for example, lets say you wanted to keep everyone with the nick cobra out of your channel

would you first add a ban for c*!*@* .. and then add a ban for cobra*!*@*

no .. why? .. because if u already wanted c*!*@* baned ... then there is no point in baning cobra*!*@* because cobra is already baned by c*!*@*

also, if by chance you are waring (which we do not suport, help with, or aprove of, because its lame) all them mode commands are gona slow you down anyways, and if u ever fight someone who knows what they are doing they will laugh at you for not understanding how bans work.

i hope i have illistrated this properly and that you now understand why there is no sence in banning someone 10 different times when a single ban of level 4 overrides all the others anyways.