Well, to be honest, I pretty much hate the mIRC-script language, especially if the script exceeds more then 2 lines on-event-do-one-thing.

My problem is: My scripts are written in perl but I still want to use them together with mIRC (it's not a bad client, just the script-language isn't quite my thing).
To do so I found a Perl-Module wich sends commands to mIRC (I can use any mIRC-command from perl) but it doesn't work the other way.
But I still need some events from mIRC. So I thought I could use something like that:
on *:EVENT:*:*:/send-a-command-to-the-perl-script-function $1-

Well.. what I need is some sort of "send-a-command-to-the-perl-script-function"
Some people I've asked suggested a .dll but I don't know anything about .dlls so that's not an option for me. frown
If anyone has such a .dll please tell me.
If anyone knows about another way to let mIRC communicate with another process, please urgenlty tell me. (I thought about communication-files but that's again quite a code in mIRC-script frown and then again I would have to good old problem to synchronize such a communication crazy )

So long, and thanks in advance for anything usefull.

PS: I'm quite used to write c++ so if someone could teach me (give me a tutorial/good(!!!) documentation) how to write a .dll for mIRC I would do it.

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