before I start, I'm just gonna say that if there's a simple answer to this, i probably didn't find it because my brain is fried lately from exams


i have this site for an irc game i'm running (link in sig), and i recently made the bot run a batch file to ftp rankings to the site. after that i got an idea, but i'm not sure if it's possible or how to go about it if it is. so here's the question:

If i can, how would I go about pulling information from a channel and displaying it on a webpage?

For instance, a person loads /index.php and it says "# users are currently in #pie" and maybe even "There are # people currently playing" (it voices people when they join the game)

my php knowledge is extremely basic, so I have no idea how i would go about doing this. i'd imagine it is possible though

so... any ideas?