Just as a suggestion... I'm pretty sure that many, just as I do, check this forum many times a day... useful as the red number indicating new posts in one thread may be, I'm always looking for new posts ("knowledge is power", you know wink...), but posts like these:

Post 1. Thank you so much for you're help
Post 2: You're welcome. If you need any help, just use this forum
Post 3: I will
Post 4: Glad to hear that
Post 5: Sure
Post 6: Hehe

... make this forum look more like a lagged chat window rather than a help forum... all thanks, greetings and such replies could be sent through pm's.
Just a humble opinion grin

Edit: There could also be a sticky post under the title of "write here if you want to thank any of the helpers" wink

In peace and good thoughts,

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