better than editing the other scripts just do this...

alt-r / remotes / file / order / select KingTomato's script file / move it to the top of the order.

His well no run first, and void all the ones following as his is
on *:input:*: which catches all input if im not mistaken.

one other thing you might consider is this.

on *:INPUT:*: {
  if (%replacer.block == $true) { set %replacer.block $false }
  else {
    var %replacer = this,is,a,list,of,words,to,be,replaced
    var %replace = this,is,what,they,should,be,replaced,with
    var %r = 1, %msg = $1-
    while ($gettok(%replacer, %r, 44) != $null) {
      var %from = $ifmatch, %to = $iif($gettok(%replace, %r, 44), $ifmatch, %from)
      var %msg = $replace(%msg, %from, %to)
      /inc %r
    /editbox -an %msg
    set %replacer.block $true

Same routine, just it loads the editbox with the result, then sets a flag to say dont process the next line comming through (being the editbox loaded line), then halts the current lines processing, on the next pass the line doesnt get processed and the flag gets cleared, this well allow what ever other ON INPUT routines in other scripts to also get to process the line.
I only said this, as i wrote a on input routine to decapatilize lines, and then it screwed up something someone elses did below it, as theres never got a chance to run.