you speak of tho the entire scripting language has been radically replaced by something else. What could possibly have changed that forces you to redevelop your entire script? every dialog every window every alias .. If your relying on the undocumented things then thats just poor programming.

A year to fix it? You could write an entire full featured script, delete it,do it again 6 times in a year. Ive seen large scale applications go from a twinkle to a beta in than time.

Its a scripting language not an OS or some other large scale program. It wont save the world. It wont make you rich. It cant even run without mirc.exe . Scripting was meant to be fun. A way for people to spend time learning. If you have to rewrite a few alias for the next build boo hoo.

As for the registration dialog _everyone_ should register. You, the users of your script, everyone. Otherwise dont use it. khaled has been real easy going about registeration over the years and its what 20 bucks? You mean to tell me that in the "year" it takes you to rewrite your script you cant float the man a freakin 20? Your using his app. imo no difference than stealing it.

Have Fun smile