in my personal opinion ... id love to see mirc use multiple events triggering to perform the same command .. something like

on *:Part,Join,Quit:#: { do something }

another method would be by using case statements ... either one of them would make me so much happier ..... id like to see the ability to use images in text ... like and icon replacement for text .. allowing the use of they screwed up smily faces ... or adding a countries flag to the end of thier ip. id like to see the nicklist sort method back to the 6.03 method. id also like to see the nicklist allow for adding a control buttons under neath it like ive seen in other clients. id also like to see the prefix in the nicklist be able to be replaced with icons if so wanted. id love for the switchbar to be changed to either .. a treeview type or something similar as to what codemastr suggested with a scrollbar next to it. those are my all time wish lists for mirc. will i ever see them? not likely. if i look for another client that already does use them ..... id have to learn a different scripting language. if khaled where to just simply add one thing from that list the best thing id like to see is the case statements. Now your all reading this going why isnt he posting this in the features suggestions forum. ill give u an answer. this isnt a feature suggestion, they are things that have already been suggested several times over. yet overlooked for adding crap like grips to a toolbar. ACK i could just gag myself with the awesome feature suggestions that khaled chose to overlook and then initiated changes that simply no one ever suggested or asked for. now u all can say well too bad if u dont like it. really in a sense your right. mirc is currently top dog. but with other clients adding so much more than mirc currently has. after over 8 yrs development i might add. the puzzling part is ... how is mirc still number one? The answer is quite simple, its all of our stubborness, stubborness than makes us hang here hoping and waiting for the very next update hoping khaled will add one of your ideas. he doesnt tho. so u simply suggest it again and wait. its a vicious cycle khaled keeps u in this cycle because u all allow him to. forcing him to step pace with a new decade or forcing mirc into inexistance. IRC isnt about being top dog... its just like in nature, learn to adapt and change ..... or be passed by ...... dinosaurs learned that lesson at great expense... should mirc have to learn it that way? i for one hope it doesnt have to before khaled starts answering his public and giving them all something they ask for. sure at one time mirc was in a final release..... but that isnt the case now... it is a developed and author supported program, we all literally are the hands that feed this man. its our voices he should be listening to. im going to close this now in hopes that atleast someone can see this as not being a flame but merely being a truly annoyed user of mirc. and yes a 6.03 user for the record.