dunno landon, i tried it several ways and all worked fine for me on win98se confused

-not in any channels/click on favs/join first channel on list/reopen fav, join second channel (keeping both open, and also tried closing first one)
-not in any channels/click on favs/join a channel someplace on list/reopen favs/click randomly (both above and below first channel) join another channel
-in a channel (ie /join #channelname) repeated above steps
-in a channel joined by clicking join in favs icon (left click access) repeated above
-in a channel joined by doubleleft click on channel in favs icon (left click accessed) repeated above
-various combinations of joining channels thru all the above in different orders

since i wasnt sure what the first poster meant, i did the above tests by clicking on the word Favorites, left clicking on the favorites icon, and right clicking on the favorites icon. Just to be sure i retested doing exactly as you described.

ParaBrat @#mIRCAide DALnet