I am trying to write a popup that will display a box to select a text file to play from my text directory in mirc, then play the file i select in the channel. I've tried searching for how to write this, but the suggestions other have given did seem to work.

I tried it 3 different way from 3 different suggestions on websites...none of them played my file. Here are the three different popup lines I've tried:

PlayTXT:/play $$file="Choose a Txt" text\*.txt

Text:/play # $dir="select a txt file" $mircdir $+ *.txt 1000

Commands:/play -c # $dir="select a txt file" $mircdir $+ *.txt 1000

Could someone please show me how to create a popup that will open my C:\program files\mirc\text directory, let me select one of the text files there, and then play it in the channel with a 1 second delay?

Thank you!!


I'm a Scripting Newbie, please forgive my questions, and have patience with me. Thanks!