1. Change log does not mention that servers page has been removed.

02/04/2022 - mIRC v7.68
63.Added servers combobox to Connect dialog and removed separate servers dialog.

2. In Options / Connect, sorting the servers list does not sort correctly - my list has servers starting with D-W followed by 2-Z followed by N. It seems that the first group matches the entries in the [networks] section of servers.ini,

I have not been able to reproduce an issue with this so far. Can you provide (by private post if you prefer) a servers.ini that I can sort to reproduce the issue?

3. My script that reads the servers section in servers.ini is no longer working - there has been a change to how these are stored (presumably to store additional information about servers in this version) without any mention in the change log or documentation. I guess I can figure it out and change how it works, but some notice and documentation would have been useful.

The answer to this is essentially the same as to your post about channels.ini. In this case, however, there is a $server() identifier that can be used to avoid dependency on the servers.ini format.

I did my best to avoid making changes to the servers.ini format for many years but, at some point, one just has to bite the bullet and make the change.