There is no delay of any kind when echo-message is enabled, other than visual.

The message is sent immediately.

All echo-message does is to let you know when the message has been recieved by the other client.

I have been using echo-message for testing purposes on different networks and it actually works really well. In some cases, when there was lag on the network, or when my internet connection disconnected and reconnected, it was reassuring to see a visual confirmation the message had actually arrived.

I haven't decided yet what this feature will look like in a release. For example, I may or may not:

1) Keep the graying/ungraying of text as a visual indication.
2) Enable echo-message with/without labeled-response. Labeled-response is technically necessary to make it work reliably.
3) Enable the feature by default or not.

The current beta enables all of the above for testing purposes.

Also note that echo-message is a superset of self-message; in other words, echo-message does the same things as self-message and more.

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