Probably the question is related to the command provided by the module for InspIRCd:

The correct syntax would be: "/SAMOVE <nick> <channel1> <channel2> [reason]" ➔ [reason] - unknown if this optional parameter might work in your version of the module.

Originally Posted by thexplorer
What if I want to have a .samove #test:/ ..... which move a user directly to #test without any input-box?

In this case, the command for the nickname list menu should look like this: ".samove #test: /samove $* $chan #test".

This command will move all selected users in the list of nicknames of the open channel to another channel, which you yourself specify in your menu.
It is as if you were executing two commands at the same time: "/SAPART" and "/SAJOIN". Note: Such commands are only available to users with IRCop rights.

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