hello maroon
can you help me for last i hope this working then

Yours, what am I doing wrong, I'll do a resolution like network and channel are called
of which I would like to copy a copy in a different irc network in a channel

Here is the network source
ircnetwork = XLroot.ix is a PRIVATE irc server itself houster
Source CHannels in this network
first channel = ## XL-Pre and all ANNOUCES in this channel with [PRE] to the second network in one channel
Secound CHannel = ## XL and the ANNOUNCE with [XL] all in the other network to one channel

announce the two channel to my IRC NETWORK in one channel together please
ircnetwork = LinkNet is the target network irc
The two source irc channels and the ANNOUNCE secound
to my one channel in this network the channekl # a4e-4T
in this channel the two channel source to my channel

so i hope you understand my concern and can send me a ready-made script for meibn mirc or post it in the forum