The beta now having the alias index for $script files caused some changes for aliases files which may not be intentional.

The aliases.ini shows the alias grouped with the 1st letter only if it doesnt have a prefix in front of it. That means the 'foo1' alias shows in the sorted list under the letter 'f', while 'foo2' 'foo3' and 'double_slash' are sorted by their prefix within the "?" menu item, along with all the other sample aliases like /j /op etc. Formerly, foo1 and foo2 would both be listed in the f's.

foo1 echo -ag test1
/foo2 echo -ag test2
!foo3 echo -ag test3
&binvar echo -ag alias &binvar is listed with the 'b' underlined
upper&lower1 echo -ag upper: $upper($1-) lower: $lower($1-)
upper&&lower2 echo -ag upper: $upper($1-) lower: $lower($1-)
//double_slash { echo -ag doubleslash }

Also, if the /* beginning a multi-line comment is located on line 1 of aliases.ini or a $script file, a phantom /* entry appears in the "?" index. But if that comment starts at line 2 it doesn't appear in the list.

Also, something that previously existed but I didn't report previously, that's due to the normal way that menu{} and dialog controls handle the & char. Both aliases containing the single & are instead shown with the following letter underlined, and the alias containing a double & shows only 1 of them without any underlining. Same thing has always happened in other places, like the way "/window @test&test" appears in the window dropdown menu. For dialogs, we sanitize the dialogcontrol's text like $replace(string,&,&&).