variable file with 2000 lines

reading from line 1 2000 times, it does it in 3,300 loops/sec
reading from line 2000 2000 times, it does it in 2,700 loops/sec

this is a noticeable diff, can the order of variables be changed - so that ones used in "non-loop" scripts (the access time is not critical) are near the end, and ones used in loop scripts are near the start - it would make the loop scripts run faster

or can we have 2 variable files, one for eg static vars, one for 'dynamic' ones which are used in loops etc

reason for lots of variables - a dialog box with about 600 id's

also, when creating dialogs, this works

edit "text", $sect(entry), 20 150 50 20, tab 50

when combined with this

alias sect {

return $readini(C:\path\mIRC\defaults\scripts\diag.ini,sect,$1)


-- diag.ini is


this doesn't work

edit "text", $readini(C:\path\mIRC\defaults\scripts\diag.ini,sect,entry), 20 150 50 20, tab 50

so when making a dialog, $readini can't be used, but a custom identifier can be?

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