a few things on the list....some things I've been wondering for a while

I haven't exhaustively tested these, if some of them already have a solution


dialog 'id' use $gettok, so rather than

dialog %id1
dialog %id2
dialog %id3
dialog %id4

we can have

dialog $gettok(%id,1,44)
dialog $gettok(%id,2,44)
dialog $gettok(%id,3,44)
dialog $gettok(%id,4,44)

would save variable file lines for when there are 100's of id's. %id being "1001,1002,1003,1004" so on

2) colours in dialog multi line text boxes, poss even also bold - at the moment the right angle characters come up

3) is it possible on remote aliases, to have an alias alphabetical list menu, the same way as alias files have

4) any way to disable the square yellow balloon that pops up on conn/dconnect?

5) do all timers get stopped on a disconnection? is it possible to have timers continue on a d/c? (I know on disconnect and can set variables to restart)

6) plus previous request of having a scrollable area of text inside a dialog - a bit like a vertically/horiz scrollable listbox inside a dialog - but just a regular text area

7) also I believe a horizontal scrollbar is only available for a text box in a dialog, and not for a listbox in a dialog

8) also possible to have tooltips for text inside a dialog? for instance if you wanted a 100(x) pixel by 20(y) pixel text, but wanted to pop up a 400 wide area of text when you hovered your mouse over it


; is a comment
can we do comments on the same line

/set %var this ;;;; this is a description

10) also there might be a small bug in the /draw -n switch...

on a desktop picture window,

using these lines (along with a few other windows and stuff being open at the time)

drawrect -nf @perc 11 1 %xpos %ypos 80 20
drawtext @perc 1 arial 14 %xpos %ypos prim: %loop_display

(this is updated many times per sec, the above is called on a /timer -m or /timer -h). it's actually a percentage progress meter

that draws the rectangle, then the text. I have found that sometimes, when other windows have the mouse click focus, the "/drawrect -nf" doesn't clear the 80 x 20 area

in this case the draw rect only clears tha actual area the drawtext is using up (slightly less than the 80 x 20 box). so the light blue colour 11 box will fill the exact area the text is taking up. clicking away from the picture window (a different window), then back on the picture window, updates the graphic properly, and the blue box fills 80 x 20, rather than the /drawtext area

11) final thing, for now - similar to icons in custom dialog's, can we have picture window areas in custom dialogs, eg, I have a progress meter dial, but it needs a seperate picture window. it would be nice if the "picture" window (with /drawlines etc) could be integrated inside a custom dialog

I can sort out screenshots if anyone prefers