Ever since upgrading to mIRC 7.64, I've noticed that CTRL+O codes at the end of a message add some kind of weird line to the tip which wasn't the case in previous versions. When I first saw it, I originally thought someone had added a spoiler to the end of the message.

This only occurs on tips that split the message over a few lines or really short lines, though.

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

//noop $tip(test,Test,4Test,10) - Will
//noop $tip(test,Test,4This is a test containing CTRL+O on a very long line,10) - Will
//noop $tip(test,Test,4This is a test containing CTRL+O,10) - Line appears fine

Edit, since they're not appearing in this code box, the line starts with CTRL+K 4 (red) and ends in CTRL+O.

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