The latest beta version of "MDX v0.91.2" was edit in 2010 year. I could not find the source code for this DLL anywhere on the Internet. Therefore, there is practically no chance that someone will ever fix all the errors found. All that remains is to write an email to the DLL author (DragonZap) in the hope that he will answer and want to solve all the problems that have arisen.

Fortunately, there is a wonderful and, in my opinion, a better alternative to this.
I have been using DCX in my scripts for a long time, and there you can do all the same, only there are much more functions for working with dialog boxes than in MDX.
The latest version found on the Internet "mIRC DCX v3.1 git 222" for 2017 year. Try looking into this and write your script using this DLL. With this, you can do many amazing things in the mIRC client.
Perhaps an error like this will not appear there and you will succeed. If you try, then write to me here, because I will also be interested to know the result cool

P.S. It would be great if friend Khaled would officially implement a lot of this DLL for the mIRC client's more powerful editing capabilities, so that all our fantastic ideas in terms of functionality and design of the in a programme mIRC could be brought to life.

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