Do you know any simple loop for join/part flood which can ban and kick at the same time ?????

If you need the simplest protection against join flooding, then I wrote such a script code for you. All settings via "jflood" alias:
alias jflood {
  .hadd -m jf join-max 3
  .hadd -m jf time-max 5
  .hadd -m jf kick-text Stop Join Flood!
on *:JOIN:#:{
  jflood | var %jf_chan $+(jfchan-,$chan) | var %jf_ip $gettok($address($nick,5),2,64)
  if ($hget(%jf_chan,%jf_ip)) .hinc -m %jf_chan %jf_ip 1
  if (!$hget(%jf_chan,%jf_ip)) .hadd -mu $+ $hget(jf,time-max) %jf_chan %jf_ip 1
  .echo $chan 04JFLOOD: >>> %jf_ip = $+(04,$hget(%jf_chan,%jf_ip))
  if ($hget(%jf_chan,%jf_ip) >= $hget(jf,join-max)) {
    .mode $chan +b $+(*!*@,%jf_ip)
    .kick $chan $nick $hget(jf,kick-text)
    .hdel -sw %jf_chan %jf_ip

join-max 3 - this is the maximum number of possible joins per channel of one user before it is baned.
time-max 5 - this is the maximum time in seconds during which the user can get banned if he violates the limit on the number of joins.

You can change these values ​​to suit you.

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