I have a question. I have repeatedly encountered the impossibility of instantly tracking the events of the typed text in the EditBox field. I am forced to create an alias with a timer for looping to check the string constantly.
Maybe there is some simpler way that I don't know?

I have a suggestion to create an event handler for EditBox with additional identifiers to determine the name of the window in which the text is typed, etc:

on *:EDITBOX:*: {}

After all, approximately the same event handler is available for dialog boxes:

on *:DIALOG:*:edit:*: {}

I will give a simple example of why this might be needed.

For example, you want to keep track of your typed text, so that to check for spelling errors and instantly replace, underline, or highlight a misspelled word with a script specially written for this.

Or, for example, you want to make special inserts next to the text when a certain combination of words or symbols appears there.

Perhaps it will be useful for someone to monitor and instantly respond to the event when commands are typed in the text editor.

I suggest that you think about it in order to do it. This can be useful for the developers of their scripts.